Part II: Traceability- The Dawn of a New Age in Food Control

Part II-Traceability:  Marking the Beasts


Celeste Bishop

January 2013 Update.  Last month the final rule for Traceability (the old NAIS) was finalized.  In rule-making it does not matter what the people want the agencies make the rules, people testify, and the agencies do what they want.  With the large public outcry from coast to coast it took the USDA a long time to meet their goals but they are now here for all of us to endure.  Stand your ground.  This month every deceptive trick in the book is coming your way to ensnare you.  Look carefully at fine print, don not answer census’s or surveys, and do not hit any simple one button gimmicks that take you into slavery.

The concept of the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) was created in the bowels of international think-tanks for marking global assets.  It was commenced in the United States after the tragic events of 911, although plans for an animal disease outbreak were already being put on the books within emergency management.  Most farmers and ranchers became aware of the NAIS in late 2005, early 2006.  Historically agrarians have sounded the alarm when predators were encroaching and so too they heralded the news that a perilously dangerous time was imminent.

Since ancient times farmers have kept watch over their flocks and knew each animal intimately.The shepherd would know if something was wrong with the animal and would intervene as appropriate.Today there is a universal bureaucracy that has seized identification of animals for its own purposes.They want all premises registered, eliminating your absolute right to private property.Put simply they do not want you to own private property.Once you go through the registration process your land title is clouded and your have just transferred your ownership to a silent partner who calls the shots on what you can and cannot do.In the name of poverty alleviation governments around the world are ˜securing assets, aka animal capital. This is another reason for the increased pressure of multiple census.

Nowadays government wants to use identification of property and animals for certification of exports and to falsely bolster consumer confidence that has taken a hit from increasing food contamination.These same rulers want to increase the pressure, coerce farmers to adopt their brand of livestock production practices that are diametrically opposed to established safe and prosperous agriculture.

In order to achieve their goal, tyrannical powers are seeking to flood the agricultural market with ever-increasing herd and flock health programs and heavy handed controls on breeding and subjective genetic ˜improvement” programs. As traditional agriculture is being purged, the global control of animal movement is taking center stage as can be seen with the USDA’s recent announcement of a Traceability Framework.Simultaneously, zoning and compartmentalization is breaking the backs of sovereign countries and states in the name of controlling disease.Food security is being strongly linked with public health.Public health is being commingled with zoonoses (diseases that effect humans and animals) and food safety. A tightening noose is being put around market access.In the foreseeable future only those who are compliant will be allowed market access.The term animal welfare is being manipulated, exploited, and redefined into international definition and the public is unaware of the subtle and progressive change.

2009 Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

In 2009 the OIE held its first Animal Identification and Traceability Conference (ID &T).The objectives of this international conference simply stressed to participating countries and businesses the ˜benefits of identification and traceability and demands for a global commitment to identification & traceability.This conference served as a vehicle to raise awareness, thus familiarity, of the OIE and Codex standards. Through transparency, a free-flow of information and data from the various countries would be extracted for perfection of the final ONE food system.Technological standards are yet to be determined for future application within the total food control grid.When completed, Animal Identification & Traceability will be a seamless system that prevents gaps and duplication between standards, it will be ONE system for all.

When the USDA presented their new Traceability Framework they stressed, Encourage the use of lower-cost technology. One must carefully listen to what the USDA was saying with this statement and not project many farmer’s hope and desire that the agency was ‘˜listening’ to the people.The USDA is merely mirroring the OIE ID & T Framework of making an even technological playing field so that no countries, including poor ones, would be left behind.Applied research is now being commanded to develop cheaper and more practical tools.The socio-economic circumstances of all participants are scrutinized so ID & T calls for flexibility during implementation to be required.Hence, the USDA, in good conscience states administered by the States and Tribal Nations to provide more flexibility.

It has been determined that your veterinarian is a valuable key to bridging the gap between public and private sectors.He or she is a conduit that assists in collecting, analyzing and disseminating information.It is through the Veterinary Services (VS) that an improved legal ID& T will emerge.

What Does ID & T Guarantee?

ID & T has discovered that fear is a motivating factor in persuading people and countries to change their basic philosophies and law.The media has whipped up a Fear of the Week frenzy.The OIE, never wanting a good crisis to go wasted, is promising the peoples of the world:

What is the OIE’s Scope?

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WA Voluntary NAIS Participation Bills are UP! We need your help

Washington State Voluntary NAIS has been introduced:

House and Senate

Six Steps to Farming Freedom

Status Report

Accompanying Documentation

“This is fantastic news,” said one Washington NoNAIS person upon hearing that House Bill (HB) 2086 was read this morning and assigned to the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, and also that Senate Bill (SB) 5956 was read this morning and introduced to the Senate Agricultural and Rural Economic Development Committee at 10:30 this morning.

A team of three hit the Capital last Monday representing three impacted sectors: a Realtor, a livestock auctioneer, and a public relations manager. This team of three also represented the following species: bovine, horses, goats and poultry. With great enthusiasm and support on Friday proposed legislation regarding, “Voluntary participation in the National Animal Identification System”, known as NAIS, went into play in the Senate and the House.

Representative Shelly Short sponsored HB 2086.

Senator Mark Schoesler sponsored SB 5956.

(Please take time to thank these Legislator’s)

Both bills are located on the website. The proposed legislation language is identical, and is commonly referred to as Companion Bill set.

February 20th is our cutoff date for both HB 2086 and SB 5956. The Agricultural Committee Chairs must decide to hold a public hearing and move HB 2086 and SB 5956 by February 20th or the bill(s) die in committee.

The chairman of the Senate Ag Committee is Senator Brian Hatfield:


Phone: (360) 786-7636

The chair of the House Ag Committee is Representative Brian Blake.


Phone: (360) 786-7870

We Need Your Help!

NOW is the time we need your help! The team of three spent the entire last week in Olympia ~ 5 days ~ meeting with our representatives, educating, asking for support, asking for sponsors of these bills.  NOW IT IS UP TO YOU…

Proposed Legislation, HB 2086 & SB 5956 Status

HB 2086 and SB 5956 are new fresh new bills with new prime sponsors and new supporters. It is important to note that HB 2086 is not HB 1151. Due to the tremendous emotion and lack of unity unfortunately HB 1151 became a bad memory for many and so it was necessary to bring a squeaky clean and fresh bill with a unified support base to our Representatives and Senators. Continue reading

Are you a Washington State Forest Land Owner?

Washington State Forest Land Database
What is the Forest Land Database?


To better understand where family forests are located and who owns them, the Rural Technology Initiative at the University of Washington, the Family Forest Foundation, and the Washington Farm Forestry Association, with funding from the USDA Forest Service, are creating a statewide parcel-based forest land database.

Enabled by geographic information system (GIS) technologies, the Washington State Forest land Database will set the foundation for analysis of the family forest demographic through the development of an interactive database of forested lands.

Such a dataset will facilitate the assessment of family forest impacts on local and state economies, and provide information on potential challenges and opportunities that family forest owners face in marketing their forest products and environmental services.

Anticipated Benefits

* Spatial distribution and numbers of forest lands by ownership types
* Land use planning, zoning, and forest land relationships analysis
* Framework for quantification of environmental services
* Effectiveness monitoring for Endangered Species Act
* Watershed analysis
* Fire risk distribution

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Y2Y: Not about ‘Saving Fuzzy Polar Bears’ its about Relocation and Depopulation of Humans

Proposed Y2Y legislation attempts to sell saving fuzzy wildlife but as the old saying goes, “Follow the money,” and you will find that there is BIG money behind the glossy presentation folders and power point.  This is an old eco-radical agenda that is gaining steam with the “greening” of America, called the, “The Wildlands Project”, the re-wilding of America.  The agenda calls for the relocation of human population centers and depopulation of humans to a “manageable” level.  You know something is amiss when the original documents for this program have been eliminated.

Sharpen your pencils and write some Memorandums of Opposition to the Senate sponsors and to the Natural Resources Committee.

Senator’s Jacobsen and Kline, just what are you thinking?

Link  5064

Please take time to send in a Memorandum of Opposition to prevent eco- radicals from invading Washington State.

The Legal Beagle: Land Ownership Liabilities

This is an interesting article on land owner liabilities and statutory protections composed by The Agricultural Law Research and Education Center.

It goes into topics such as: dangers facing land use; causes of action against land owners; dealing with trespassers; licensees; invitees; U Pick statutes; insurance and recreational use. This article includes case law.

Preservation of Agricultural Assets

The federal and state Departments of Agriculture are engaging in an age old practice of executing a practice and then performing the transference of the guilty deed to another party. In the case of the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) they put it back into the hands of industry which was the plan all along. This happened back in biblical times when Judah said to his brothers, “What gain will there be if we kill our brother and cover up his blood? Come, let us sell him to the Ishmaelites – but let our hand not be upon him, for he is our brother, our own flesh.” (Genesis 36,26-7) Continue reading

EXPOSED: WSDA Attacks Brand Ownership

Why would the WSDA engage in the underhanded hanky-panky of animal rustling? Possbibly the mighty dollar-not that it is much these days.

In days of hold magicians learned to keep the eyes of observers off their doings by distraction. Oftentimes the magician would wave a handkerchief with one hand to keep viewers from noticing what he was doing with the other hand. The hankie became known for clandestine activities.

So while the ‘burdened’ WSDA marches lock step in their march towards participation in global governance with NAIS in their *toolkit* the brand department is under attack.

I know you are scratching your heads wondering, “How does this affect me?” It affects you in a very big way. This past year we have witnessed covert attempts to mix brand and animal identification. For those unfamiliar the brand it may sound like no big deal. It is all about property ownership. We all are owners of property. We may have real property as in real estate or most of us have tangible property or chattel property of which animals (for the time) are considered. Brands are considered ownership. Animal identification is not considered ownership, one must have other documentation to establish ownership. Their subtle attack is that WSDA wants the blur the lines, make them very fuzzy, and just like the hankie WSDA wants to mix time-honored brand ownership with animal ID known as NAIS. The brand inspectors are on 100 percent on board with this strategy. Brands must be renewed and at renewal a person will receive an aggressive attempt by the WSDA take advantage of the “voluntary and free” NAIS system to protect animal health.

What lengths will the WSDA go take you and your animals captive to the NAIS program? A model has been established and although you may not have cattle the model is being applied in different programs and across the species, so watch out!

Here is a distressing email I received, and with permission granted from the author to post in her own words:

“Recently we have been taking older cows to the sale in Davenport. Actually our family has for over 50 years with NO issues until this year. In June we took several cows in one load. They (brand inspector) picked one out and said that our brand wasn’t there. They sold the cow and off it went for slaughter. The sale barn sends us a letter stating they have impounded our money and the reason is there was not our brand on the cow and lists the brands the brand inspector, Jeri Stiles, found on the said cow. However all the brands listed were on the wrong side of our cow. Our cow was branded on her Right Rib with our brand. I called the sale yard and asked why the cow was not checked on the ‘Right’ side. No explanation. Now the cow is gone and so is the hide so that we cannot prove the brand WAS there. They ended up sending us the money after we squawked a whole lot.

Well here we go again. Two weeks ago we took 7 cows to the sale. They again picked one out and told us there was not our brand. This time they listed a brand on the Right Hip that did not belong to us. But they listed NO brands anywhere else on the cow. We had purchased this cow at the Toppenish sale barn last year. Her paperwork from that brand inspector said there was a brand on the left hip of V1 and a splotch brand on the right hip. We branded her with our brand when we got her home. Like magic the brand inspector at this sale, again Jerry Stiles, was able to read the splotched brand as a C hanging A. Hum. Our brand is a C hanging 6. Something is fishy.

We got a letter from the brand dept today stating we have one year to prove that was our cow that we sold. (Now gone, and we can’t prove the brand was there) If we can’t prove it then that money that they are holding in impound will go to the: Are you ready for this one? Washington State NAIS!!! Yes, that is correct! They are now stealing cattle from unsuspecting cattlemen to pay for this program!!!!! When I was in the Davenport sale barn trying to straighten this out they pulled a file folder out that was at least 2 inches thick of Impounds! That is no less than 150 impounded checks of various amounts that will likely go into the NAIS fund of Washington State. Talk about using the back door approach. It is nothing more than straight cattle rustling by the state.” (Emphasis mine-CB)

But there is more:



“I want people to know how the state is working to implement this program with out anyone suspecting them. One other thing I didn’t mention is while sitting at the sale and watching for our cattle to go through the ring I was seated next to a man who just out of the blue started talking to me. I didn’t mention what had happened with our cows this year at that sale. But he did mention what had happened to him. He said he had to jump through hoops to get his impounded money. He said it took 4 months for him to chase down the brands on his cow that he sold through this same sale yard.

I think the state brand dept is going to make as big a mess like this so that they can then go and report back to WSDA that the brand system isn’t working and the NAIS should be implemented in WA.”

Jessi-Moses Lake

There you have it folks. The WSDA is resorting to cattle rustling, stealing, to pay for a program which they insist on implementing, despite overwhelming opposition by the public. We are sitting on a potentially threatening situation here. Plainly laid out:

  • IS WSDA is posturing itself as the authority on ownership?
  • Is is currently disputing your ownership?
  • Is WSDA is falsifying brands which is legal ownership?
  • Is falsification of paperwork ocurring at sales barn?
  • Is after-the-fact impounding of the owners monies resulting in farmers treated as common criminals taking place?
  • Is the burden of proof being transferred to the owner ? (who after-the-fact has no way to substantiate a claim)
  • Is WSDA creating a problem so they can justify an illegitimate NAIS program?
  • Is WSDA creating the perfect bureaucratic revenue maker?

(Small farmers and ranchers do not have the financial capital to fight the deep pockets of government via our very tax dollars working against us. (just imagine if you had complied with NAIS and that little RFID automatically impounded your money or you are charged: fees, levies, assessments and a host of other ‘creative’ government revenue makers)

  • Will this erosion of our food supply as sale barns increasingly consolidate and become paid government contractors (opportunity and motive)
  • Will this further dependence upon contaminated foreign foods when farmers and ranchers refuse to comply with the NAIS scheme?

WSDA has thrown down the gauntlet. Ownership is at stake. Ownership of your very body, your land, your animals is at stake. Will you be a NAIS lemming and jump over the cliff or will you stand with the Non-Compliance Crowd who stand for truth, justice, freedom and the Constitution?

10 Minute Citizen Action:

Call, write or email the Governor and tell her Hands off property ownership, No to NAIS.

Write Governor Gregoire a Letter:
Governor Chris Gregoire
Office of the Governor
PO Box 40002
Olympia, WA 98504-0002

Give Governor Gregoire’s Office a Call:
Governor’s Office (360) 902-4111
For relay operators for the deaf or hearing impaired, please dial 7-1-1

Fax Governor Gregoire a Letter:
(360) 753-4110

For email go to:

For an extra 10 miniture citizen project write, call or email the WSDA Director:

WSDA Director
Valoria H. Loveland
(360) 902-1887,

From the trenches,