Gasping for Breath? Horrific Depopulation Plan

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Last Breath!

A shy rockfish has revealed a scheme by pathological murderers who are changing the pH of our planet and acidifying the oceans, which in turn influences your health by stealing the very air you breath.  Geo-engineering is the most common tool utilized in changing the earth’s pH, despite claims otherwise.  As you will soon see, the very name of the primary symptom caused from geo-engineering is, “too much smoke from above”.   These killers, and that is just what they are, would like you to believe that the average human is causing the global pH to change.  Using the $100 ‘anthropogenic’ word, they try to sway your understanding of their crimes against humanity, and to ‘buy-in’ the belief that you are the cause.

Your Health and Earth’s Changing pH

Changing the acidity of the environment depresses your metabolic rate. Your metabolism is the mechanism that disperses energy and also saves it for use at another time through fat.   It may be that the sudden spike in obesity blamed on unhealthy life-style choices may in reality be caused by nefarious actors with a blatant depopulation agenda. 

Hear that giant sucking sound?  That is the air you used to breathe

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Adjustments to the pH of the planet can also adversely affect your immune system response.  It can cause Hypercapnia or hypercapnea (from the Greek hyper = “above” or “too much” and kapnos = “smoke”), also known as hypercarbia, which is a condition of abnormally elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the blood.  It is thought that this is a contributing factor of ‘sudden death syndrome’ in infants.

In soil, changing the pH kills the beneficial soil organisms needed to produce healthy, nutrient-dense, foods.  It also interferes with calcium uptake which was our gardens primary challenge last year.  Changing calcium uptake in humans can prove lethal as calcium is involved in cellular transmission, bones, teeth and other vital organ functions of the body.

Shocking Footage!

Take a look at these two short You Tube videos of captive rockfish, before and after changing the pH of the water.


You Tube:  Rockfish Before pH Change



You Tube: Rockfish After pH Change

What can I do?

While it is impossible to change the acidification of the ocean, we can each do our part to minimize the pH changes being perpetrated against us. Each of us can grow our own nutrient-dense food instead of trusting corporate chemical company food.  It is possible to change your pH by what foods and drinks you consume. There are also new agricultural techniques such as permaculture that can add nutrition and value to your home garden, We can add beneficial organisms to the soil and take care to repair damages (yes, cleaning up others messes) by implementing agricultural techniques the way the Creator took care of the earth, in the beginning. 

Reference:  Scripps Institute of Oceanography